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Study Abroad is a pioneer of facilitating dreams of the young aspirers who wish to become doctors with MBBS in Russia. The team has been working with tremendous support since 1991. With our grandeur reach, we have helped make more than 50,000+ dreams of becoming a successful doctor a reality. India’s premier ISO 9001 : 2015 accredited medical education facilitator engaged in Students recruitment to specifically Medical Government Universities.

Study Abroad Campus

These are the words of famous American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer—John Dewey, and we absolutely agree with him.

In a world that is open, seamlessly connected and closer than ever before, medical education has transformed from being a confined experience to one that is shaped by global and cultural interactive experience students undergo. However, the greener pastures of better, superior educational opportunities have always eluded our students by misinformation and vague processes and systems. To this fore has Jagvimal Consultants & Management Services (P) Ltd entered committing to provide genuine, authentic and professional support to students who aspire for quality medical education in countries such as China, the U.K, Singapore, Canada and Russia, and we have ever been successful in showing the right way to the students who seek our help about exceptional medical universities and institutes across the world.

Incepted as a unique medical education consulting services provider that dares to think different, we have always searched for out-of-the-box solutions to bring best guidance, insight building and counseling services to young and aspiring students. We measure our success through our candidates who have selected right medical universities through our guidance. Through our nurtured experience of helping numerous students find their true career-callings, we have supported several students make the right choice in selecting right medical universities and the countries that offer the best platform to reach their career goals of becoming an excellent medical practitioner.

With an extensive network of prestigious medical universities, institutes and colleges that are famed for their impeccable academic pedigree and exceptional medical academic infrastructure and facilities, we can help you set the right goals in your career and how to go about it, without fumbling on the way. Our team of expert academicians and professional counselors would help you across all the processes saving you from all such cumbersome procedures to make the entire affair one of sheer excitement and unbound satisfaction. Our team has supported, guided and helped many aspiring students make the right choice of selecting the right medical universities and institutes. Our counselor’s experience, expert knowledge about the medical education arena and the universities in various countries will always come as great help for everyone.

We live, breathe and operate through a strong sense of business values and ethics that form the very fundamental pillars of our consulting services and are tethered strongly along every transaction and interaction we have with our clients. It is our responsibility to help you find the right way and we have the right talent, infrastructure, networking capability and the experience that matters to take you where your dreams wait for you.

You mean a lot to us and so is your future. Let us guide your away.

Our Mission

To spread awareness & guide Indian students about the career opportunities in India & Abroad.

Our Vision

To establish JVC as the best & trustworthy company in the field of career counseling, career guidance & education abroad.


Reduced Costs

Reduced costs through careful budget planning & micro calculation

Empowering Aspirants

Empowering aspirants through personalized profile based counseling

Transparent System

Transparency through process driven systematic approach

Data Driven Research

Data driven analysis of NEET counselling, cut off analysis, clinical profiling of colleges etc